Below are some guides to help you get started. Our publishing system is done completely online through our website, and there is no worry, hassle or expense of sending printed manuscripts through the mail. For those who are unfamiliar with the  world of Digital Publishing and Print-On-Demand, we offer these how-to guides. They can be downloaded to your computer or printed out by clicking on the appropriate buttons beneath each guide. Click on the arrows or click and hold with your mouse on the corners of the pages to turn them.

Guide to Publishing With Picky Press

For the majority of new authors who are interested in publishing with us, we offer this complete guide on how to use our system and website. To download this guide, click on the button below.

How We Compare to Other Publishers

Here is a quick comparison of Picky Press and other popular publishing services, and the prices on our Bundles. To download this sheet, click on the button below.

Picky Press Book Publishing Specifications Checklist

A general checklist for book publishing, including some of the more technical specifications for those who are curious as to what goes into a book project. To download this sheet, click on the button below.

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