– Creating a book? Wonder what goes where?

– These guides will tell you exactly how to do it!

In order to create a professional-looking book, it helps to know how to lay it out. Certain features go on different pages and are usually in a set order.  We offer these visual and virtual flipbooks. They can be downloaded to your computer or printed out by clicking on the appropriate buttons beneath each guide. Click on the arrows or click and hold with your mouse on the corners of the pages to turn them.

Page Content Layout

This first handy interactive guide will help you see which book elements go on which side page.

Created with variable instructions for any book type, follow the legend below to learn how to set up your very own book project.

Left-side pages (Verso) are Lemon Yellow.  

Right-side pages (Recto) are in Light Blue. 

  Red Text is a Required Element.

  Violet text is a Variable Element.

– – – – –  Dotted Orange Lines indicate Optional Pages.

 Orange text is an Optional Element.

Black text describes the page or elements, their functions and or positions in a book, and what can or should appear there.

Interior Design and Formatting

This next interactive guide will help you decide the features you need and how to lay out the style of book you are writing. This virtual book displays various options for laying out the interior design of a book, from plain to fancy.

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