Using Fonts

Perhaps one of the most important things about a book is the font you choose to use for the bulk of your text. For the “body” or main text of your book, it is highly recommended to use a plain, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman (our recommendation). Usually, these fonts are found installed on your computer already. Below are samples of good fonts for body text.

The nice thing about choosing these readily available fonts is that they can also be used for e-Books. E-Books are limited in the types of fancy fonts that can display, because they are generally dependent upon the e-reader that is used. Another good thing is that the e-Book will be closer to the print book in appearance when the same fonts are used. When added in bold or italic, these fonts will look very nice for title and chapter pages in e-readers.

Below are samples of 4 regular fonts normally found on your computer, and these can be cross-referenced with our Word-to-Pages Estimator.


Times New Roman



Other Fonts

There are some other fonts found on computers, such as Comic Sans and Signature that may or may not be compatible with e-readers. Most are not, however. For example, Wing Dings is a symbol font that can be used for stylized bullets but like most symbol fonts, are NOT compatible with e-Books.

Below are some samples of other fonts that may be on your computer. Those that are not compatible may be turned into pictures in order to insert into e-Books, but this is usually far more trouble than it is worth.

Comic Sans



Wing Dings

Themed Fonts Package for Download

Below are samples of 36 fonts that are we offer, which are permitted for use commercially. They vary in style, and are grouped according to kind. You can use them for cover titles, chapter and title pages, and drop caps.

Use the following fonts or find your own, as long as the licensing explicitly allows you to use them for commercial purposes. Choose one or two for headings and body text, and one main style for title and chapter pages. Drop caps can be different if desired. The most important thing is to use the same fonts consistently throughout your book, so that it looks professional.
More fonts can be found at: Font Squirrel.

Here are samples of the fonts we offer, which are available for download.



Pinyon Script


Adine Kirnberg Script


Black Chancery

Alex Brush


Teutonic No. 1

Plain Black

Griffon Two

Chopin Script


Rothenburg Decorative

EB Garamond


Medicine Show


Quentin Caps



CMU Typewriter


Rise Star Hand

Learning Curve

Rick’s American



42nd Street

Tattoo U

Buenos Aires

Grand Hotel



Kaushun Script

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