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Here is an overview of all of the different tools and resources available to our authors. Once your manuscript is finished, you will have a head-start on getting your book ready for the printing process. Picky Press offers many tools to help you, and probably more free items than any other publisher.

Check over our store to see what you need. You can buy as little as you need or as much as you like. All of our prices are up-front with no hidden charges. You can rely on our personalized service to guide you through every needed detail of the process. When all elements are put together you can truly have a book to be proud of! We also offer you marketing tools that will help you to promote your book once it is nearly done


Word Count Tool: Once you have finished your manuscript, but it is still in a rough draft form, you can see what the word count is by selecting the whole book’s text and putting it into the Word Count Tool. From there it can be further calculated into pages with the next tool.

Word-To-Pages Estimator: If you have finished your manuscript, but don’t know how long it is, we have an exclusive tool to help you figure it out. Find the total number of words in your word processing program and go to the Words-to-Pages Estimator. It will give you a rough estimate as to how many pages your book will be according to the book’s final trim size, based on our templates and various font, font size, and line spacing.

Book Cost Calculator: If you want a tool to figure it out for you, there is the Print Book Cost Calculator. This will tell you the exact manufacturing cost of one copy of your book, based on all of the various book options we have available.

Minimum Retail Price Estimator: If you aren’t sure how to price your book, we have another tool which can help you figure out what the minimum retail price should be. Check out the competition for your genre to see what other books are listed for, and that should help you determine a cap for your list price. Go to Minimum List Price Estimator.

Royalty Estimator: If you would like to see what your royalties are, you can figure them out using our Royalty Calculator. Both of these tools are used in conjunction with the Book Cost Calculator to determine your book’s cost to produce. Go to Royalty Estimator.

Book Options Page Not sure how your physical book should be made? See our Book Options page. It tells you some basic guidelines for many book types and their genres, such as:

  • An Average Children’s Book, a durable 8 x 8 inch gloss hardcover with thick paper for easy handling of small hands.
  • A 6 x 9 inch Trade Paperback or Hardcover with Matte finish, classy for novels or memoirs.
  • A Pocket-size Paperback– great for a handy reference guide.
  • A Landscape 11 x 8.5 inch in Hardcover or Paperback– beautifully displays high-resolution photographs or art, fit for the coffee table.

This page contains a chart of book options so you can see exactly how much your book will cost.

Other Interior Design Elements

If you need to separate parts in your book, we also offer free packs of flourishes, bullets and separators. There are also decorative page frames for memorials and ads if you need to raise funds for your book. Have people in your community purchase spots in the back of your book for dedications, and place their text within the borders of the frame. All of these can be viewed on the Decorative Additions page.



If you need a choice of more font ideas, we have free font packs that are available legally for commercial and are available free to download. To view samples of them, click on this link: Font Samples.

We show many samples of fonts that are best for interior body text, for the bulk of the book. There are also other specialized fonts that you may want to use for “drop caps” or “raised caps” for the first letter at the beginning of a chapter.

Many can be used for opening chapter pages and for book titles on the title page and the cover of your book. There are many themes to choose from.


Book Layout

This shows general samples of interior design, and where certain key pages of books are supposed to be placed. Yes, there are certain rules to this, and the “Laying Out Your Book” page should help.


Other Resources

For all other elements concerning writing a book and/or illustrations, our Vital Resources Page has an incredible variety of online links you can use. From several types of thesaurus to commercially available royalty-free graphics, if you can’t find what you need, it likely doesn’t exist!


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