Below is a chart that shows a comparison of several popular book publishing services and publishers, with data taken from their websites. This should help you to figure out which is the best value to fit your specific book’s needs.
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Price Ranges >

What Is Offered


Book Creation Process: Including Editing, Interior and Cover Design, Proofreading, Completed Publication, and Final Submission to Distributor.

Author Page on Company Site

Payment for Services Via

Number of Available Trim Sizes

Book Types Available

Supplied ISBNs Listed As

Copyright Registration Filing

Publisher Registered With Library of Congress and Can Provide An LCCN

Offers Print-On-Demand (POD) Books 

Global Distribution

Book Available for Sale After Completed Publishing Submission

Royalty Amount

Time Schedule of Royalty

 Payment After Book Sale

Royalties Paid By

Mandatory Number of Book Copies One Must Purchase

Make Your Choice! 

Picky Press 

$567 Basic -

$3,537 VIP

Everything Is Done For You. Assigns Personal Editor Who Goes Through Each Stage of Creation/Design/Edits/

Completion with Author, to Ensure Quality, Satisfaction, and Author Control. Custom Cover Design Included. No Hidden/Added Costs. Charge Flat Rate Per Project.

Yes, Plus Free Book Page

Secure Zelle, Stripe or PayPal, with Monthly Payment Plans Available. Must Be Paid in Full Prior to Submission.

12 Common Sizes Listed, 18 More Available By Request

Hardcovers and Paperbacks in Gloss or Matte, Digital Cloth Hardcover w/ or w/o Dust Jackets, All EBook Formats

Publisher: Picky Press

Yes, Acts As Agent. Copyright Certificate Is Sent to Author.

Yes. Publisher Aqcuires LCCN for Author and Ships 1 Book Copy to Library of Congress



In About 48 Hours 

50% After Net On All Books

In 3 Months

Check, Zelle, or PayPal

No. Order As Many Or Few As You Like At Cost. 

Amazon /

Kindle (KDP)

Free - 

DIY Only

DYI Only Through Automated Upload with Little or No Quality Control, Editing, or Proofreading. Cover Design is DIY with Templates and Stock Images. No Human Intervention to Determine Proper Image or Print Quality.

Yes, Only If KDP Published

Secure: AmazonStore Card, PayPal On Site for Book Orders.


Gloss Paperbacks Only, and Kindle Format EBooks Only





Yes, Paperbacks Only- If Option is Selected 

In About 48 Hours 

If Published on Amazon Only- 60% After Net,

If Global- 40% After Net

In 2 Months, 3 Months Global

ACH Direct Deposit

No. Order As Many Or Few As You Like At Cost.


Free If Sold Only on LuluStore -

Up to $2,700 for Global

Everything is DIY with Templates, or Hire Out for Design and Editing with Your Own Money. 

Automated Upload. Authors Must Proof Their Own Book to Determine Image, Editorial and Print Quality.

Yes, If Published @ LuluStore

All Major Credit Cards On Site for Books Available Globally. 


Gloss Hardcovers, Cloth Hardcovers w/ Dust Jacket, Gloss Paperbacks, and EPUB or PDF Format EBooks

Publisher: Lulu




Yes, If Selected

Instantly On LuluStore Only,

In Up To 8 Weeks Globally


PayPal: Monthly if Over $5,

Checks: Quarterly If $20 or More After 45 Days

Check or PayPal

No. Order As Many Or Few As You Like At Cost.


$990 Express -

$2,590 Deluxe

Payment Up-Front Allows Download of DIY Template, and Then Rest is Done For You. Option of Hiring Out with Your Own Money in Addition to Other Costs. Editing/ Proofing Is Additional Up to $20 Per Page. Cover Design Additional $449-$599. Final Book Is Human Approved.

Only w/ Deluxe Publishing

All Major Credit Cards on Site, or PayPal- Payment in Full Prior to Any Work Done.


Gloss Paperbacks Only, Gloss or Matte Hardcovers, and Kindle Format EBooks Only

Publisher: BookBaby



Yes, for $399, Plus Orders of 25 Books or More 

Yes, for $399 Plus Order of 25 Books

Instantly On BookBaby Only, In 3-4 Weeks Globally

Between 10-30% (Unclear As To What This Is On)

In 3 Months

Check, PayPal, or ACH Direct Deposit

Yes- 1 Copy for $49,

25 Or More, or 100 Copies At A Time

Traditional Publishers

$5,000 - $15,000 Depending on Book

Everything is Done For the Author with or without Their Permission, Since Usually Traditional Publisher Owns All Book Rights. Newer Authors Are Required to Put Money Up-Front to Fund Expenses.


Varies by Publisher, Payment is Usually Up-Front. Some May Offer Payment Plans.

Custom, So No Limit

All Types of Hardcovers and Paperbacks. Ebooks Generally Are Not Offered.

Publisher: [Company Name]

Yes, But Copyright May Be Under Publisher, Not Author

Yes. Publisher Applies for LCCN, and Ships 1 Book Copy to Library of Congress

No. Books Printed in Large Runs, and Authors Are Required to Buy Many Books. and store inventory


In 9-18 Months

Usually 10% on Net- After Any Paid Advances (If Applicable)

Every 6 Months

Usually By Check

Yes. Number Is Dependent On Print Run.