Vintage Grain: The Mitzvah of Keeping Yashan (Hardcover)

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The first book that has ever been written strictly on the subject of how to "keep yashan". It explains every needed detail. It's for the newcomer to the mitzvah [Jewish law] as well as those in the kosher food industry who want to cater to a stricter standard. Pictures, charts and clear explanations educate and entertain. You too can "reap" the benefits of "Vintage Grain"!

About the Book
This is the first book that has ever been written strictly on the subject of the lesser-known Jewish law found in the Torah (Bible), concerning eating only “yashan” (literally, “old grain”), also spelled “yoshon”. In our modern times of highly processed foods, this can be a challenge. It covers everything one needs to know in order to fulfill the “Mitzvah of Keeping Yashan”, (also known as the “Prohibition of Chadash” or “new grain”). This book is also a valuable resource for those in the kosher food industry who would like to reach a market of those with a stricter standard. Full of beautiful color photographs and clear explanations, it is sure to help educate and provide enjoyment at the same time. Whether you just want to learn more, or you would like to take on this mitzvah, “Vintage Grain” is for you. It tells you everything you need to know, from how and when to start, to knowing what is yashan nearly at a glance. It also thoroughly explains how to use the lengthy annual publication “Guide to Chodosh”. With tips, charts, resources, and lists, you too can “reap” the benefits of “Vintage Grain”!
Genres: Halacha, Helpful Guides and Instruction, Kosher Food, Non-Fiction, Torah
Publisher: Tovim Press
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Hardcover
Length: 190 pages
ASIN: 0999478605
ISBN: 9780999478608

List Price: $29.00
Haskama from Rabbi Zev Leff: "Dear Friends, I have seen the book "Vintage Grain" by Chasya Katriela Eshkol. The book presents a comprehensive discussion of the prohibition of chodosh - new grain that grows before Pesach and is prohibited until the second day of Pesach. The book explains the prohibition and extensively gives advice on how to identify products that present an issue of chodosh and how to identify products that are yashan and are therefore permissable. Although the prevailing custom is to permit chodosh on grains grown outside of Eretz Yisroel especially in non-Jewish owned fields (as mentioned in the book on page 51) however many opinions prohibit chodosh even in such grain and more and more people are accepting this strigency and are careful to only eat products that are yashon. This book covers the issues involved and presents many interesting facts about the food industry and its history. I found this book informative, interesting and even entertaining. I recommend it not only to those who are stringent concerning yashan, but even to those who do not adhere to this stringency, but should be aware of the issue and be well informed of a Torah mitzvah that at least applies even today in Eretz Yisroel. I pray that Hashem bless the authoress with life and health and commend her for a quality presentation that merits the community. Sincerely, With Torah blessings Rabbi Zev Leff" Rabbi Leff - Endorsement
– Rabbi Zev Leff
Not Preachy; Totally full of great Info: Highly Recommend! “Vintage Grain” has so much wonderful information and totally let’s you decide for yourself if this mitzvah is best for you. Teaches about bugs as well which is an awesome add. It’s a great resource for when people challenge me in why I keep the mitzvah to have all the Torah Sources in one spot and with lots of extra info on it and how to keep yashan Incase the one asking is truly interested. Really glad to own a copy to have as a resource in my bookshelf!! It was an easy read. Not heavy at all and could be really REALLY helpful to someone new at Yashan or the extended family of a BT or the like, as it explains in laymen terms step by step how to use “The Guide” (R Hermann’s Yashan Guide) and tips and tricks for how to beat keep this mitzvah properly. It is not only for one interested in keeping the mitzvah but also just information to allow Jews to be aware of this lesser kept/ lesser known/ lesser talked about mitzvah. Gives people the information they need and if they are interested in trying, has practical questions to ask yourself before taking the leap. I highly recommend this book!!
"Vintage Grain provides a wealth of well-researched information about Yoshon in a format and writing style that makes for a very pleasant read. This reviewer is not capable of writing haskomos but believes the book will leave readers with a better understanding of the halachic factors and ramifications as well as greater comfort in practicing this hanhagah should they so choose. Vintage Grain also includes a fascinating outline of the development of the American kosher industry that many may find quite nostalgic."
– Rabbi Yitzchok Preis, Director of Outreach Cincinnati Community Kollel, Rosh Kollel Dirshu Cincinnati, and Judaic Studies faculty Atara Girls High School
"I had the opportunity to read Vintage Grain last week. I found it engaging as well as very clear and understandable. Chasya did a phenomenal job and I learned quite a lot, despite having kept yoshon for years. This work is something everyone can gain from."
– Leah Newmark, Director of The Yoshon Network Inc.
About the Author
Chasya Katriela Eshkol

Chasya Katriela Eshkol is the Executive Director and founder of The Yoshon Network Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated solely to the mitzvah of keeping yashan. She has written articles for Jewish Spirit Magazine for the Cincinnati Community Kollel, created articles and poetry for the Cincinnati Jewish Women’s Journal, pen and ink drawings, the Pet Pride Inc. newsletter, and previously created word and crossword puzzles for The Morris Report. Her first published book was Can Do Kosher! A Quick and Concise Guide to Becoming Kosher, and is not likely to be the last.

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