The Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat history and life in detail.

Over 100 beautiful color pictures enhance this wonderful book. If you want to learn all about the Siberian Cat breed, this book is for you!

About the Book

The history and detail of how the Siberian cat has traveled and expanded its conquest into our hearts and families all over the world. Also known as the Siberian Forest Cat and the Neva Masquerade, this breed’s innate intelligence and sweet nature will capture you as well.

The Ebook version has a bonus “Special Picture Index”, enabling the viewer to click on the links, which take you directly to all of the various cats’ pictures.

Genres: Cats, Educational, Helpful Guides and Instruction, History, Non-Fiction, Pets, Photography
Publisher: Picky Press
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback, epub
Length: 150 pages
Illustrator: Alice Wright
ISBN: 9781643949994

List Price: $18.99
eBook Price: $7.99
Informative and Easy to Read
I was thinking of getting a Siberian Kitten and in my searching on line I came across this Book so I purchased it. I learned a lot about the breed and the book also dispelled some myths about the breed. It was written in an easy style to read and kept your interest. It gives a lot of facts and dates but does it in a style that keeps you interested. It also has a chapter on how to avoid scams in the present limited access to see the kittens. If you are thinking of getting a Siberian kitten or have one I would recommend this book.
– Georgia
Every Siberian Cat owner should have this book!
This is a must have book for anyone that is interested or owns a Siberian Forest Cat. The author has captured what makes these incredible cats so magical. She explores their history, conformation, personality and care with an interwoven acknowledgment that there is really no breed quite like the Siberian. I own a cattery (Longmeadow Siberians) and I loved the book so much I decided to pay for all of our cat guardians to have a copy when they get their new kitten. The quality of the book coupled with the depth of insight and experience made this a rich encounter. I loved turning the pages and learning all of the details in one place that i missed in all of my research online. In my profession I have to read books as a part of my daily work. I must say that this was one of the most delightful reads for me all year. Thank you to Alice for her invaluable contribution to the breed and all of us blessed to have a Siberian Forest Cat in our lives.
– Adventures of Riley Madison
Wonderful Breed - Wonderful Breeder - Wonderful Book
Disclaimer - We've had the pleasure of living with four of Alice's beautiful Siberians so it's difficult to be objective when discussing her book. If there was ever someone supremely qualified to share the secrets of this wonderful breed it is Alice Wright. She shares the interesting history of the breed from what is known about it's earliest beginnings to the introduction of breed into the United States and goes on to answer any question someone interested in living with one of these beautiful creatures may have. Her book is an excellent resource and is highly recommended to anyone interested in these beautiful, smart and gentle creatures. The only thing we recommend more highly than her book is her exceptionally bred kittens.
– G Peralta
Exceptional book -- inspirational, educational, beautiful and a lot of fun!
This book offers you what the best books do -- an experience! It gives you an insight and an education, a mystery and an intrigue, a inspiration and a laughter, and a deep sense of gratitude to this amazing author and a breeder, who shares her extraordinary knowledge and profound love for the breed to enrich the lives of her readers in so many ways! I bought multiple copies twice already and have a growing list of friends to share this book with! A special word about the beauty of the book, with its incredible pictures, e.g., all the historic pictures, the stunning pictures of Siberian cats today, and the amazing feel of the printed copy -- this book blew me away and continues to do so as I pick it up for a read again and again! Highest recommendations! I hope for more books by this author in the future!
– D & T
The Best!
Great resource for the breed
– Dennette
The best cat ever !!!!
Great book on some history and how to care for your Siberian- many lovely colored pictures - how to purchase a kitten from an experienced breeder and knowing you are getting the real thing - highly recommended for anyone looking to own one of these Russian treasures - author shows her love and respect for the breed
– Linda E. Gray
Enjoyable and Informative!
Wonderful book with fascinating history on the Siberian. I especially enjoyed all of the beautiful cat pictures!
– C. Eshkol
Great history of Siberian Cat
Since we shared our life with 2 beautiful siberian cats I am dedicate to learn more about the breed, his origin and history. This book is the most complete that I ever found with a lot of interesting fact about the history of Siberian cat and a lot of really useful informations about the breed. 8 would recommend it to all new or actual owner of Siberian.
I enjoyed this informative book. I have Siberians but did not know anything about their history so it was great to read about them. The book not only includes the history of the Siberian cat but up-to-date information.
– D Bruce
About the Author
Alice E. Wright

Alice E. Wright has over a decade of experience as a veterinary assistant and pet nutritionist. She has been actively involved in dog training and handling. She has several published articles that have received international interest.

Alice currently resides in Arizona with her husband, 2 children, German Shepherd dogs and Siberian Cats. Alice is also the author of "The Siberian Cat", which has received excellent reviews.

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