The Raw Facts of Feline Feeding

You want the best for your feline companion. This book gives you the knowledge to make the best, most well informed choice. Offering raw food to your feline is what she's hardwired for, what her body craves and makes her thrive.

About the Book

The global cat food market in 2021 reached a value exceeding $33 BILLION USD, and promises only to grow.
Your cat’s health, and perhaps very life, may depend on the choices you make. Find out why feeding an obligate carnivore like the animal she is, is more important than ever in today’s world.
You want the best for your feline companion. Inside this book, it gives you the knowledge to make the best, most well informed choice for your family.

Why are pet foods made the way they are? Who makes them, who is responsible for them, and how you can do better? Offering raw food to your feline is what she is hardwired for, what her body craves and what makes her thrive.

“The Raw Facts of Feline Feeding” by Alice Wright gives you all of the important essentials that you need in order to make sure your cat has the healthy diet they were meant to have. Find out how to make your cat’s food from scratch, or learn what types of food are available to fit your unique situation and your budget. Learn from an expert in the field. Alice is also the author of “The Siberian Cat”.


Genres: Cats, Educational, Non-Fiction, Pets
Publisher: Picky Press
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781643949956

List Price: 18.99
eBook Price: 7.99
Feeding Raw Is Easier Than You Think! As a veterinarian, I found this book opened a new world to new ways to help not only my pet cats, but my patients. Learning WHY raw feeding is so important made the extra effort in feeding this way absolutely worth it--you will really question the basis of commercially prepared food. The book taught us what to look for in a good raw diet (for those of us who don't plan on making these from scratch) and we have been feeding Darwin's ever since. I was very pleased to see they offer medical diets as well and my patients are appreciative. For those who don't know a thing about raw feeding, this book provides superior, experienced advice and my family will never feed our cats commercial dry diets again.
– El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital
You can tell the author has decades of experience with breeding and caring for cats! Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 12, 2022 This book is absolutely jam packed with information! I currently don't own a cat, but I have had one in the past, and after reading this I realize there's much more to their diet and anatomy that I never considered. One example would be that cats aren't evolved to effectively drink water from a bowl, so you should have a water source that is similar to a fountain or waterfall so they can meet their hydration needs. Truly, I wish I would've read this while my cat was around to greatly improve his life and health. Highly recommend to anyone who is a casual cat owner who haven't really put any thought into their feline friend's biology or nature because I know I didn't!
– Nick Santa cruz
Must Have! It's not enough to know how to feed your cat a raw diet, you really should know why. This book is very well organized and easily read in a single sitting. Definitely well-researched with a good list of resources. I have been feeding my cats a raw diet for many years and I can say I learned a few things but more importantly, I now can recommend this book to people who ask how to feed a raw diet to their cats.
– Kindle
I love this
This book is amazing very informative
– Susana
Great book on feline dietary needs
This book is a must have for all cat owners. It explains in detail what cats' dietary needs are based upon extensive research by the author. I have always known that cats' are carnivores...what I didn't realize is that they are obligate carnivores. Whether you are a pet owner, a rescue operation, a breeder or a stray/feral rescue group...if you deal with cat need to read this book.
– Sharon Shelton
About the Author
Alice E. Wright

Alice E. Wright has over a decade of experience as a veterinary assistant and pet nutritionist. She has been actively involved in dog training and handling. She has several published articles that have received international interest.

Alice currently resides in Arizona with her husband, 2 children, German Shepherd dogs and Siberian Cats. Alice is also the author of "The Siberian Cat", which has received excellent reviews.

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