Potty Training for REAL Cats: Cat Toilet Training for Humans and Felines

This book teaches you how to teach your cat properly, and defines the many feline personalities and traits and how to deal with them. This book features 10 real-life cases of toilet-trained cat. It trains the trainer as well as the cat, and analyzes feline personalities to determine if they are good candidates. Meet the potty-trained cats via pictures and their stories.

About the Book

Have you ever thought about toilet training your cat, but thought was too good to be true? This book doesn’t make any far-fetched promises. Instead, it presents real-life cases, trains the “Pet Parent”, covers what is needed, and analyzes 25 different feline personalities and traits to determine if your cat has what it takes to be potty-trained before you even start. Do you have a water lover or a water hater; an affectionate cat or an older cat? See how these and other traits can directly affect potty training! You might just be surprised at how some types of cats train better than others.

The Appendix in the back contains several D.I.Y. projects for items that will help make the transition easier, and tips on everything related to the job at hand.

You will also get to meet ten of the cats that were potty-trained and read their life stories. Over 150 color photographs throughout, this is sure to be entertaining and informative. Great for those who want to get the real-life “scoop” on potty training a cat, or even just the curious cat lover who would like to read true cat stories.

Genres: Cats, Educational, Helpful Guides and Instruction, Non-Fiction, Pets, Photography
Publisher: Picky Press
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback, epub
Length: 196 pages
ISBN: 9781643949963

List Price: $26.00
eBook Price: $16.00
Fun Read, Good Information
This book was a fun read with loads of good information and alot of great photos. It had a nice conversational feel to it, making it easy to read and follow.
– Edward Wright
A Great Gift for Cat Lovers!
I loved the pictures, and also loved the explanations of different types of cat personalities. I liked the idea of the projects you can do and they were easy to understand. It kept my interest. It's very informative.
– Joyce Campbell
About the Author
Cassie Cluster

Cassie Cluster grew up having many different critters, but always had a special affection for cats. She raised rats for pet shops, endangered turtles for release into the wild, has kept birds, fish, snakes, dogs, rodents, a Dutch bunny, Guinea pigs, small reptiles and amphibians, and even a pet tarantula named Beatrice. Still, none compared to her feline family, and her ability to analyze their various personalities. Cassie shares her practical experiences of toilet training cats over the past 30 years.

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