Forty Days and Forty Nights, Rain, Rain, Rain

Wonderful Children's Book Including a CD

Read about Noah's struggles on the ark with mischievous monkeys, voracious ants, battling ostriches weeping penguins and howling coyotes. Plus, the book comes with a CD of an original song, "Forty Days and Forty Nights, Rain, Rain, Rain" and a dramatic reading of the book.

About the Book
“Forty Days and Forty Nights, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain” deftly mixes fun and learning. This entertaining version of the Noah’s Ark story presents the animals in alphabetical order with the upper and lower case letter featured on that page, and each word that begins with that letter is color highlighted. The high-level vocabulary and the silly lyrics are a delightful combination for young children. The glossary in the back of the book has a listing for each creature in the book and the story (plus an original song) featured on the CD helps a child to increase their reading ability.
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Genres: Children's Books, Infant to 2nd Grade
Publisher: Turnip Times
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Paperback
Length: 40 pages
Illustrator: Joan Gross
ASIN: 0578113767
ISBN: 9780578113760

List Price: $12.99
SO much fun to read with our kids! We got this for my boyfriend's 3 yr old son and he absolutely LOVED it!! The CD is perfect for when he wants to 'read' by himself! I can't wait to get this for my 1 yr old granddaughter too!I
Kudos to Ms. Gross I gave this book to my grandchildren and they loved the pictures, the rhyming and the story. Even my daughter-in-law raved about the book and, because of the way it's written, it has a long life. As the child grows and hears the story over and over again, he can learn a new word due to the author's foresight in making it a fun read while provoking a child's interest in learning new words. Children can also learn to read the words they do not know by following along with the accompanying CD. What a great concept!
About the Author
Joan Gross

From an upstate-New York-farmer's daughter to an aspiring artist at the Art Students League my life has been a great journey. My residences have included New York City, New York and Lahore, Pakistan.
Although my core is one of conservative, religious values, I am a free spirited liberal when it comes to my friendships. My strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have led me from legal secretary to artist; from store owner (cartoon character clothing for adults before there were Disney stores) to newspaper publisher. "The Informer" served 8 communities in the Elizabeth, NJ area and contained only good news, advice columns and cultural event listings.
Currently I rehab old houses and write. I am chastised by my young friends to remember my age when my energy exceeds theirs but the only ones who tire me out are my curious, loveable, energizer-bunny-grandchildren who make me wish my childhood was as carefree as theirs.
My biggest accomplishment to date has been successfully raising my two children who now have children of their own. That was truly a grand adventure.

Note: The author has an interesting web site containing many of her articles at:

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