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    Author Identification (for our records)

    Part 1: Basic Book Information

    Additional Book Information

    Step 2

    Part 2: Book Descriptions, ID and Category Information




    BISAC Codes (Industry Standard for Book Categorization) If you do not choose three, the BISAC categories will be chosen for you. This is a system that helps locate your book best by subject. Choose the most relevant first, and avoid “General” as a category. They can be copied and pasted below. (Click Here for a complete list of BISAC codes.)

    Thema SubjectsThis is an international classification system which helps locate your book best by subject. Choose the most relevant first. Do a search on their site, and copy and it paste below. If you do not choose, the Thema categories will be chosen for you. (Click Here for a complete list of Thema codes.)

    Step 3

    Part 3: Book Type Info

    Book Format
    In what format type is your book going to be? *Hardcover Book onlyPaperback Book onlye-Book onlyBoth a Hardcover Book and an e-BookBoth a Paperback Book and an e-Book
    Note: Each book type requires a separate ISBN and setup fee.

    Hardcover Book Type

    Trim Size

    Paperback Book Type

    Paper and Ink Type

    Note: Paper weight and page count directly affects the width of the book spine.

    Some formats are dependent on paper type. To see page limits, see the Book Options chart.

    (This can be filled out later if the answer is unknown. Our handy Word to Page Estimator tool can help.)
    e-Book Format

    Note: Final e-Book format must be in EPUB to be published. Files may be uploaded in docx or other formats.

    How many KB?

    Note: If this is unknown, it can be filled in later.

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    Pictures, Artwork and Photographs
    Yes, I have graphics.No, there are no pictures.

    ColorBlack and WhiteBoth Color plus Black and White

    Note: All original graphics or photos must be taken or scanned in high-resolution of 300 dpi or more for good print quality.

    Confirmed, you have no graphics other than the Picky Press logo.

    Step 4

    Part 4: Legal Information


    Yes, I have.No, I have not.

    Yes, I have.

    What is the registration number or case number?*

    Would you like us to e-file copyright registration for you?*

    Yes, please file for my copyright!No, I will file my own copyright registration.

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    Note: By purchasing this service, you agree that Picky Press and its officers are acting as your legal Authorized Agent, with the ability to file the registration on your behalf.

    Confirmed, you will file your own copyright registration.

    ISBNs- 13-Digit International Standard Book Numbers One separate ISBN is required for each book format, and a new one is needed for each different publisher, edition, or any change in size. (In the USA, book info associated with a Picky Press ISBN is entered into the global “Books in Print” database.) The ISBNs must be listed below in their appropriate book format.

    Yes, I have ISBNs for each format.No, I do not have my ISBNs yet.

    Would you like to purchase ISBNs from us? *

    Note: Any author who does not have an ISBN with Picky Press automatically forfeits their right for us to distribute their book, to have it included in the "Books in Print" database, and it will not be able to make any royalties. These books will instead have a non-distributable SKU.
    Yes, I want to buy my ISBNs from Picky Press.No, I do not want my book distributed.

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    Confirmed, you do not want your book sold and distributed.

    Library of Congress Control Number- LCCN (for USA only)

    Yes, I have an LCCN.No, I do not have an LCCN.

    I have an LCCN.

    What is the LCCN? *

    Would you like an LCCN? *

    Yes, please get me an LCCN!No, I do not want an LCCN.

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    Confirmed, you do not want an LCCN.

    Rights of Use

    Yes, I use published material under copyright.Yes, but it is in the Public Domain.No, I only use my own material.

    Do you affirm that you have written permission to use it? * Yes, but I have written permission.No, I do not have written permission.
    Please upload all verifiable written permission for use.
    (acceptable upload file-types: .doc,.jpg,.pdf,.png)

    List source of proof that the material is in the Public Domain * (e.g. on Public Library website such as www.mysource.library)

    I affirm that I created and own all content. (No further info is needed.)
    Unless it is an example for educational use only, we cannot publish your book if you use previously published material without written permission from the copyright holder.
    Unless it is an example used for educational purposes only, we cannot publish your book if you do not have permission to use added content under copyright.

    Step 5

    Part 5: Credits

    Content and Contributors

    Yes, I am the sole contributor.No, there are other contributors.

    You affirm that you are the sole contributor.
    Please list each additional contributor's full name and their contributing role.

    (eg. Editor, Illustrator, Preface, etc.)

    Book Covers

    Does this book contain artwork, graphics, photos, illustrations or design elements of some kind on the front and back cover exterior, dustjackets, and/or e-Book cover picture?*

    Yes, there is cover art.No cover art, just text.

    Did you design the cover art? *

    Yes, I affirm that I designed the cover art and own all rights to it.I didn't design the cover art.

    No further info is needed.

    Did you purchase the rights to use it, or hire someone to create it? *

    Yes, I purchased the right to use it.No, I didn't hire someone to design the cover.

    Please list who it is to be accredited for cover designer, and which parts, front or back.*

    Please explain your rights of use *

    Step 6

    Part 6: Sales, Marketing, and Promotional Info



    Book Retail Price

    (Currency will be converted to current exchange rates.)

    (Must end in 99¢, typically about half the price of print.)

    Wholesale Retailer Discount: Standard is 55% and Returnable for maximum probability of bookseller purchase. Your Royalty will be 50% of net profit after wholesale discount for all books sold via distribution (22.5%). (Does not include books bought by you at cost.) If information on this form changes, please indicate changes in an email and resubmit/upload this form to your account.
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