Getting Book Reviews

This is an essential part of marketing. If you get good reviews it can springboard into more and more people wanting to read what you have written. Contact experts in the field or genre of your book. Give out a few advance copies or send them a pdf of your work to review. When you get some good feedback, ask permission so that you can publish these favorable comments. It can even go in your book prior to publishing. Before your book is about to be launched, send it out for reviews. Gather all good reviews and send them in with your other book info. We will make them available on your Author Page on our website. They can be listed in a professional Press Release Sell Sheet that can be sent to bookstores, newspapers and other places that may want to do interviews with you or sell your book. We offer a Sell Sheet and full Media Kit. See this service for more details.

Some places that may review your book professionally are Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Foreword Reviews.

It can take 1 ½-3 months for some places to consider a book for review, and a good review is not guaranteed.

Marketing and Materials

Picky Press offers many marketing tools that you can order. Once you have a cover designed and are about to launch, you can order our Basic Media Kit that we can custom design for you and your book. The various advertising items include 50 copies each of (11 x 17-inch) glossy posters, postcards, and bookmarks.

  • Postcards can be sent to places that serve your potential audience.
  • Posters can be given to local bookstores and libraries.
  • Bookmarks can be given to stores or sent to friends and family to help spread the word.

The main thing is to spread the word about your book and get it noticed. In order to capture your audience, they have to know that your book exists. It helps to have a few reviews to put on these materials as well.

Sample Promo Materials


Bookmarks (above) are a great promotional item for people who read books. They will remember your book by using them again and again.

These are perhaps the most economical, yet highly practical promotional item for books. They are reasonable enough to print by the hundreds, and can be given out to stores that would have the potential clientele who are interested in your subject matter.


Versatile Postcards (above) are nice to send out to potential selling places that are interested in your subject. 

They can be made one-sided with a blank back for addresses and stamps. 

For presentation, they can be made double-sided such as the samples above, and can contain QR codes to allow people to scan them and get to your author or book website.

Glossy 11×17″ Posters

These are great to send to book stores or other places that could be potentially interested in your book. 

The beautiful poster (above right) is a sample from our parent company Tovim Press. We share the same printer, distributor, and have the same high standards for quality. 

We also offer Sell Sheets for your book that can be sent along with print books to potential sellers and book reviewers.

Order a Media Bundle for your book, and get promoted!

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